Libra must have sodalite on it. This darker-colored stone, like the deep sea, removes strong emotions and brings peace and inner balance.

The lucky Talisman for Scorpio is carneol. This stone brings great concentration power and protects it from negative energies and charm.

Sagittarius must wear a black obsidian. This stone is good in all its plans. It has a bigger asset this year than in 2016.

Capricorn suits any type of quartz. Quartz will be like a sentimental protector for Capricorn. He'll have good luck in love.

Aquarius must have an amateur to him if he wants to escape insomnia. He can put him under the pillow if he can not sleep.


The Stone of the Moon brings to Races the luck in love that these natives need. Emerald will enhance their intuition and protect them from evil and evil. Pearl is also one of the Races' lucky stones, being considered a milestone for them to extend their lives.


It seems that the Lions have more lucky stones, these being Amber, Crisolite, Olivina and Topazul. The amber protects the Leo natives from illness and increases their immunity. Crisolite increases their power of clairvoyance, giving them visions of the future. Olivina will help them balance, and Topaz will bring prosperity and happiness.


Jade will bring good luck to the athlete of the Virgo, but also welfare to those who are not athletes. The carnation will protect those in the zodiac Virgo from evil and spells. It will also help them fight rage and heart disease.


Balances can be lucky if they wear Opal. This stone will protect them from evil and infectious diseases. Lazurit will also help Libra natives to find emotional stability.


Scorpion zodiac signs will have luck in love and will be protected while traveling by sea if they wear the Aquamarin. They will be afraid of evil if they wear Coral and the Granat will keep them from serious illnesses.


Lucky stones for Sagittarius are Amethyst, Topaz and Crisolite. The amateur will give them good luck and a clear mind. Topaz will help these natives overcome their fears, and Crisolite will bring them courage and confidence.


The Ruby will bring the Capricorns luck and success in life. Malachite will help them to avoid serious illnesses and will help them


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