Carl Freer is a Swedish technology entrepreneur. Carl has created and invested in multiple ventures including American company Tiger Telematics which created the handheld game console Gizmondo. Carl was also founder of Singapore-based medical-device company, Aluminaid, which makes patented metal-based bandages to relieve pain from first- and second-degree burns. Carl is also holder of several patents on various technologies. He is currently working on an Artificial Intelligence platform, developing neural networks for a variety of industries including FINTECH and O&G. During his tenure at Tiger, Freer broke ground for Augmented Reality on handheld devices by creating several AR games. He also co-created games that went on to become major franchises. Freer also founded a crowd sourcing network for filmmakers, financiers and actors called FilmFunds. Tags: Carl Freer | Carl Johan Freer | Carl J Freer | Carl Freer Entrepreneur | Carl Johan Freer Businessman | Carl J Freer Technology Entrepreneur | Carl Freer Biography | Carl Johan Freer Biography | Carl J Freer Biography | Carl Freer Singapore | Carl Johan Freer Singapore | Carl J Freer Singapore | Carl Freer Profile | Carl Johan Freer Profile | Carl J Freer Profile | Carl Freer Ulab| Carl Johan Freer Ulab | Carl J Freer Ulab | Carl Freer 2017 | Carl Johan Freer 2017 | Carl J Freer 2017 | Carl Freer Foundation | Carl Johan Freer Foundation | Carl J Freer Foundation | Carl Freer Swedish Businessman | Carl Johan Freer Swedish Businessman | Carl J Freer Swedish Businessman | Carl Freer Family| Carl Johan Freer Family | Carl J Freer Family | Carl Freer Business Ventures | Carl Johan Freer Business Ventures | Carl J Freer Business Ventures | Carl Freer | Carl Freer Singapore | Carl Freer 2016 | Carl Freer 2017 | Carl Freer Address


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