vis === The VIS music analysis framework. VIS is a Python package that uses the music21 and pandas libraries to build a ridiculously flexible and preposterously easy system for writing computer music analysis programs. Copyright Information: * All source code is subject to the GNU AGPL 3.0 Licence. A copy of this licence is included as doc/apg-3.0.txt. * All other content is subject to the CC-BY-SA Unported 3.0 Licence. A copy of this licence is included as doc/CC-BY-SA.txt * All content in the test_corpus directory is subject to the licence in the file test_corpus/test_corpus_licence.txt Software Dependencies ===================== The VIS framework uses many software libraries to help with analysis. These are required dependencies: - Python 2.7 - music21 - pandas - mock (for testing) These are recommended dependencies: - numexpr (improved performance for pandas) - Bottleneck (improved performance for pandas) - tables (HDF5 output for pandas) - openpyxl (Excel output for pandas) Citation ======== To cite the VIS Framework in publications use: Antila, Christopher and Jamie Klassen. The VIS Framework for Music Analysis. Montréal: The ELVIS Project, 2013. URL


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