Surprising as it might seem there are many features of Chinese education that resemble education systems elsewhere. Since 1949, with the founding of the People's Republic of China, education has had great significance in that country. Schooling in China has become the right of everyone. The whole of the education system has been reformed and literacy rates have leaped from approximately 20 percent when the Communists took over to about 91 percent. Whether you are considering getting an education in China, or just want to know a little about the education system in that vast country, the facts about schooling in China are bound to interest you. What Kind of Schools are There in China? By law schooling in China is provided free of charge by the government to everyone from the age of 6 to 15 years. A small fee for uniforms and books has to be contributed by parents, but in theory elementary and middle school children all get an education. A modest fee is charged for public high school education but is affordable by the majority of parents residing in cities. In rural areas parents are less likely to send their children to school after the age of 15 and often attendance is poor for middle school children too. There are now a number of private schools for wealthier families as well as international schools which usually only accept Chinese with foreign passports. For foreign residents the Chinese Ministry of Education has approved over 70 schools to provide foreign instruction. Foreign students are required to pay for their tuition, but to Chinese children it is free of charge.


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