How to export Yahoo emails to computers?? Yahoo was one of the most popular email clients for a decade but gradually it lost its position due to its poor security arrangements. As it was the easy target for the hackers to hack the yahoo users account and then threaten them for ransom, or misuse their personal information. Still, many users use their Yahoo account. Hence it is very necessary for the Yahoo users to store their personal information in their safer place such as a computer, USB, etc. or you must know the process or method by which you can export your Yahoo emails to the computer. So, you can use it as a backup data for future use as we already know that a large number of accounts have been hacked and there is no surety that it will never happen again. So it is the best method to protect or save your data from the hackers by exporting your emails to your computer. If in the worst scenario, your data is theft or lose then you still have a copy of it. However, Yahoo does not allow its users to back up their data to their computers. If users want to save their data from Yahoo then they have to copy-paste their emails through text editor which already sounds boring and time taking process. So you can use SysInfo Yahoo Back up tool which is designed with the following features- • Able to Backup Yahoo Mails to the computer, USB, or hard drive. • Allow saving Yahoo Emails in PST, CSV, MBOX, EML, PDF, EMLX, MSG, and HTML formats. • Able to import Yahoo emails directly into Thunderbird, Office 365, Outlook, Gmail, etc. • Users can delete the Yahoo emails after the Export process is completed. • Apply Date range filter for the conversion of chosen Yahoo emails. • The user deletes the emails once they take the backup to save the server space. • Once the backup of Yahoo Mail items is completed users can rename the resultant files. • Runs on the major Windows versions and Mac with latest Win 10 and MAC OS 10.14 Visit:


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