How to convert Lotus Notes to Outlook? People have different attributes and different needs. While some people excel at understanding and executing technical tasks, others crave for simplicity, technology should be able to address the needs of both these type of people. If one looks at different conversion software, one finds very few that provide satisfaction to both the experienced users as well as the amateurs. Amidst, this it is appreciable to find one Lotus Notes to Outlook conversion software which appeals to different types of users. The Shoviv Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter ( has made its presence felt owing to this specific attribute more than anything else. Technology can make life simpler and help people to save the time and spend it the way it suits them. Different people like different things. It may be related to their sensibilities or what serves their needs best in terms of quality and efficiency. Shoviv Lotus Notes to Outlook conversion tool exhibits technological superiority in terms of efficiency as well as quality. It finds itself suitable to novices as well as experts. Having used by a large number of users, it has set a kind of benchmark for migration tools of all types. Certain situations demand using email migration tools like Lotus Notes to Outlook migration software. Let’s discuss a similar scenario to get a better hang of the situation. People use different types of operating systems as per their likes. One may like Windows; another person may prefer Mac OS; while someone else may be using Lotus Notes. It varies from person to person without being a hurdle in anyway except when one needs to shift to another system. In this case we will consider shifting from Lotus Notes to Windows Outlook. From NSF to PST: Lotus Notes to Outlook conversion tool to rescue Those who have been using Lotus Notes, knows that the data in it gets stored in NSF format. All the operating systems use unique formats with the exception of a few which use similar formats. Lotus Notes and Windows Outlook use two completely different formats. If one considers switching from Lotus Notes to Windows Outlook, remember that it will require changing the format from NSF to PST. You will have to use Lotus Notes to PST conversion tool for the execution of this task. This does not happen automatically on its own so a tool has to be used. Experienced users might take the risk of going the manual way. Novices should stay away from that route. Even experts have started switching to the tools as manual method does not guarantee error free conversion. Another problem that users encounter with the manual transfer of files from Lotus Notes to Outlook happens to be time investment. It explains why Lotus Notes to PST conversion software becomes absolutely essential. The next question that will arise will be about making a proper choice. A user will have to choose wisely in order to make fail proof transfers every time. How to choose the right Lotus Notes to Outlook PST conversion software? The best method for problem solving will always remain asking questions that are important and then finding answers to them. The same scenario exists here. Let’s begin by asking those questions. Why one seeks a Lotus Notes to PST conversion tool? May be a very simple answer is to transfer NSF files to PST files. What must a tool do to complete this task? Data transfer must be safe and error free from the finish to start. How can it make this task easy and simple for the users? This answer contains more than one feature. A tool must have a friendly interface that allows a user to be able to understand and follow the instructions. Lotus Notes to Outlook conversion tool should finish the task in a very short time. Selecting and converting the files should exhibit zero complexity. Installation of the tool should be simple as well. A complete package: Lotus Notes to PST converter tool from Shoviv This tool comes with all the above mentioned features that are required in a tool. It comprises of a few more features which enable the users to be really flexible in their approach. A user can go on to save NSF files to EML and MSG files using this Lotus Notes to Outlook conversion tool. With the licensed version, any number of files may be sent. The size of the database poses no problem. This tool has a lifetime guarantee of use which means it is a one-time investment and can be used over and over again. This way a user can keep on using both the email clients. As mentioned earlier the tool can be used by people with no technical expertise but even those with the skills will find it to be a comprehensive Lotus Notes to PST Outlook conversion tool. Allowing a user to send single or multiple files, bulk folders, it also maintains data hierarchy. Those doing manual transfers of NSF to PST will realize the importance of this feature. Imagine arranging an entire library and one day finding it all messed up. How crazy it would be to rearrange it all. The tool saves you the trouble of having to rearrange the files and folders. In a world where we try to save time and energy to be able to do more meaningful stuff, features like these make this Lotus Notes to Outlook PST conversion software a must buy. Save money, keep data safe, and get a free trial The price won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Save your money and yet buy an authentic tool tested and used by a large number of people across the globe. This tool is built to keep data safe and secure. Shoviv Software have created a tool that will stand the test of time. This trust brings to you a free trial of this Lotus Notes to Outlook conversion tool. Use it to transfer 25 files from every folder from NSF to PST format. Judge for yourself and proceed to buy the license version. 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