QuickStart Administration Scripts ================================= *Shell scripts intended to make Debian administration and configuration easier.* Certain configuration scenarios, like configuring NFS4 over Kerberos and OpenLDAP require a lot of work and long hours trying to figure out what is missing / what is wrong. Ideally, you should have one package you install onto the KDC master box, another package you install onto KDC slave box(es) , one package you install onto NFS server box(es) and another package you install onto NFS client box(es) ... and job done. Everything should just work in a matter of 10 mins. This is what leaded me to create this project: I'm bored of hitting my head against the wall with lots of details which do not add anything to my business. So, I've decided to spend a lot of work doing this project, but at least I can deploy the same thing over and over again in development, test and production systems. In future, these scripts may become available as Debian packages, properly integrated with debconf.



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