**************************************** Random database/dataframe generator *************************************** Introduction ============= Often, beginners in SQL or data science struggle with the matter of easy access to a large sample database file (**.DB** or **.sqlite**) for practicing SQL commands. **Would it not be great to have a simple tool or library to generate a large database with multiple tables, filled with data of one's own choice?** While it is easy to generate random numbers or simple words for Pandas or dataframe operation learning, it is often non-trivial to generate full data tables with meaningful yet random entries of most commonly encountered fields in the world of database, such as ``name, age, birthday, credit card number, SSN, email id, physical address, company name, job title`` etc. This Python package generates a random database ``TABLE`` (or a Pandas dataframe, or an Excel file) based on user's choice of data types (database fields). User can specify the number of samples needed. One can also designate a **"PRIMARY KEY"** for the database table. Finally, the ``TABLE`` is inserted into a new or existing database file of user's choice.


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