Hyde is an Electron-based markdown editor that aims to improve the accessibility of Jekyll as a blogging platform for developers and non-developers, alike. As many users already know, Jekyll holds many benefits over other blogging platforms. Though, it appears that many potential users outside of the developer community are initially intimidated by the Markdown syntax used to compose and format blog posts. Hyde aims to counter this issue by providing an approachable modular interface, capable of offering the same familiar toolbars and live-preview that you would find in a typical word-processor or the simplicity and streamlined work-flow of a minimalistic text editor. Additionally, the practice of using Markdown syntax for text formatting taking off through its integration in some of the most popular websites and software, including Reddit, Twitch, Discord, Trello, and Slack. Hyde also makes a great learning tool, as it deliberately avoids abstracting users from the syntax in order to facilitate syntax comprehension and proficiency.


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