**Template3D is a Django Template obfuscator, minimizer, and optimizer. It compiles Javascript with the Google Code closure project and adds a real time loading mechanism to the templates.** .. note:: Robert Steckroth, ``_ - 2012/10/10 .. _``: **Installation method:** *Distutils:* ``python install`` **Operating System:** Linux/Kernel based Template minimizing and compiling will aid the Django template rendering mechanism with regards to efficiency. This becoming more significant when the django template caching loader is used in conjunction with template3d. Without the use of template caching, every request to a template will be read from the disk and rendered to the front-end. Template caching however, stores template code into memory for fast access without IO bandwidth. If your templates are smaller, so will your memory usage. Also, smaller templates use less bandwidth and help protect sensitive code from unwanted cut and paste coders. | **Functionality:** | - Real-time template optimization for use with development. | - Lower memory footprint with optimized code in regards to template caching. | - Abstract templates design with re-usable templates and recursive loading. | - Easy template compilation using the Google Closure project. | - Representative of the quantum physics model.


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