########### django-load ########### Module and object loader utilities for Django. ******** Features ******** * Load all modules from all installed apps with a given name. * Load all modules from all installed apps with a given name and iterate over them. * Load an object from a module using a middleware classes like import path. * Unittested (see * Documented (see ******** Examples ******** For full API documentation, please refer to Let's assume your app wants to load all ```` files from the installed apps, to allow those apps to extend your application. You can achieve this like this:: from django_load.core import load load('plugins') Now let's say you want to do the same, but actually do something with those modules, more specific, find all objects in those modules, that are subclasses of ``BasePlugin`` and call our ``do_something`` function with those objects:: from django_load.core import iterload for module in iterload('plugins'): for name in dir(module): obj = getattr(module, name) if issubclass(obj, BasePlugin): do_something(obj) You could also have a setting called ``MY_APP_PLUGINS`` which contains import paths similar to ``MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES``. You want to load those plugins and call the ``do_something`` function with them:: from django_load.core import iterload_objects from django.conf import settings for obj in iterload_object(settings.MY_APP_PLUGINS): do_something(obj) If you only want to load a single object, you can do that too. Let's say you want to load ``MyObject`` from the ``mypackage.mymodule`` module:: from django_load.core import load_object obj = load_object('mypackage.mymodule.MyObject')


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