An extension to django.contrib.flatpages to provide

  • Better support for markdown and other similar markup formats. We provide support for Markdown but you can write your own parser to support rst or creole.
  • Optional support for the excellent markTtUp jquey editor This requires the installation django-markitup.
  • Easy inclusion of images in flatpages. Viewing Admin image thumbnails requires the installation of sorl thumbnails
  • The inclusion of HTML metatags such as keywords and descriptions in flatpages
  • Content revisions

Migrating you data to flapages_x should not be difficult since the data which currently in the contrib.Flatpage model (content, titles) is not affected. Your templates will still utilize the {{flatpage.content}} and {{flatpage.body}} context variables. Once you install flatpages_x, the Markdown is actually stored in the related Revisions model. When you save a flatpage, this will be rendered as html via the markdown parser and saved to the Flatpage.content field


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