.. -*- rst -*- ========= colorzero ========= colorzero is a color manipulation library for Python (yes, *another* one) which aims to be reasonably simple to use and "pythonic" in nature. It does *not* aim to be as comprehensive, powerful, or that matter as *correct* as, say, `colormath`_. colorzero originally grew out of work on my `picamera`_ project, hence it's intended to be sufficiently simple that school children can use it without having to explain color spaces and illuminants. However, it does aim to be useful to a wide range of skills, hence it does include basic facilities for `CIE Lab`_ representations, and `Delta-E`_ calculations should you need them. The major difference between colorzero and other libraries (`grapefruit`_, `colormath`_, etc.) is that its ``Color`` class is a ``namedtuple`` descendent. This means it is immutable; you cannot *directly* change the attributes of a ``Color`` instance. The major advantage of this is that instances can be used as keys in dictionaries, or placed in sets. Manipulation of ``Color`` instances is done by typical operations with other classes the result of which is a new ``Color`` instance. For example:: >>> Color('red') + Color('blue') <Color html='#ff00ff' rgb=(1, 0, 1)> >>> Color('magenta') - Color('red') <Color html='#0000ff' rgb=(0, 0, 1)> >>> Color('red') - Red(0.5) <Color html='#800000' rgb=(0.5, 0, 0)> >>> Color('green') + Color('grey').red <Color html='#808000' rgb=(0.501961, 0.501961, 0)> >>> Color.from_hls(0.5, 0.5, 1.0) <Color html='#00ffff' rgb=(0, 1, 1)> >>> Color.from_hls(0.5, 0.5, 1.0) * Lightness(0.8) <Color html='#00cccc' rgb=(0, 0.8, 0.8)> >>> (Color.from_hls(0.5, 0.5, 1.0) * Lightness(0.8)).hls HLS(h=0.5, l=0.4, s=1.0) Links ===== * The code is licensed under the `BSD license`_ * The `source code`_ can be obtained from GitHub, which also hosts the `bug tracker`_ * The `documentation`_ (which includes installation, quick-start examples, and lots of code recipes) can be read on ReadTheDocs * Packages can be downloaded from `PyPI`_, but reading the installation instructions is more likely to be useful .. _picamera: .. _colormath: .. _grapefruit: .. _CIE Lab: .. _Delta-E: .. _PyPI: .. _documentation: .. _source code: .. _bug tracker: .. _BSD license:


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