Overview ======== CO2MPAS is backward-looking longitudinal-dynamics CO2 and fuel-consumption simulator for light-duty M1 & N1 vehicles (cars and vans), specially crafted to calculate CO2 emissions of a vehicle subject to a NEDC test using the results of a WLTP test, according to the EU legislation (see History section, below). It is an open-source project developed with Python-3.4+, using Anaconda & WinPython under Windows 7, Anaconda under MacOS, and standard python environment under Linux. It runs either as a console command or as a desktop GUI application, and it uses Excel-files for its input & output data. History ======= The European Commission has introduced the WLTP as test procedure for the type I test of the European type-approval of Light-duty vehicles as of September 2017. Its introduction has required the adaptation of CO2 certification and monitoring procedures set by European regulations (443/2009 and 510/2011). European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) has been assigned the development of this vehicle simulator to facilitate this adaptation. The European Regulation setting the conditions for using CO2MPAS can be found in the Comitology Register after its adoption by the Climate Change Committee which took place on June 23, 2016.


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