The produced LaTeX file uses several LaTeX packages that may not be present in a “minimal” TeX distribution installation. For example, on Ubuntu, the following packages need to be installed for successful PDF builds: texlive-latex-recommended texlive-fonts-recommended texlive-latex-extra latexmk (for make latexpdf) Sphinx will use xcolor.sty if present: recent Ubuntu distributions have xcolor.sty included in latex-recommended, earlier ones have it in latex-xcolor. Unicode engines will need texlive-luatex or texlive-xetex. The testing of Sphinx LaTeX is done on Ubuntu trusty with the above mentioned packages, which are from a TeXLive 2013 snapshot dated February 2014. Changed in version 1.6: Formerly, testing had been done for some years on Ubuntu precise (based on TeXLive 2009). Changed in version 1.6: Use of latexmk for make latexpdf on GNU/Linux and Mac OS X Since 1.6, make latexpdf (or make -C "<builddir>/latex" after a sphinx-build run) uses latexmk (not on Windows). One can pass to latexmk options via the LATEXMKOPTS Makefile variable. For example: make latexpdf LATEXMKOPTS="-silent" reduces console output to a minimum. Also, if latexmk version is 4.52b or higher (Jan 17) and xelatex is the latex_engine, then LATEXMKOPTS="-xelatex" will speed up PDF builds. To pass options directly to the (pdf|xe|lua)latex executable, use variable LATEXOPTS (for example LATEXOPTS="--interaction=nonstopmode").


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