binario ======= Simple work with binary data. What is the binario? -------------------- **binario** is the Python package that lets an application read/write primitive data types from an underlying input/output stream as binary data. And which primitive data types it can process? ---------------------------------------------- It can work with booleans, integers, shorts, long integers, floats, doubles, strings and any byte buffers. How to write data? ------------------ It's simple. Just create instance of `Writer` and then do your work: >>> import binario >>> w = binario.Writer("file.dat") >>> w.write_short(2014) >>> w.write_bool(True) >>> w.write_float(3.1415) >>> w.write_string("Hello, world!") >>> w.write(bytes([128, 20, 10, 255, 0])) And how to read data? --------------------- It's simple too. Like outputting, create `Reader` and then do your work: >>> import binario >>> r = binario.Reader("file.dat") >>> r.read_short() 2014 >>> r.read_bool() True >>> r.read_float() 3.1415 >>> r.read_string() "Hello, world!" >>> b'\x80\x14\n\xff\x00' Which byte order specified by default? -------------------------------------- By default it is `network` order (or `big-endian`). Okay, it is good, but if I want to change byte order for `Reader` or `Writer`? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Not a problem! Just specify it: >>> import binario >>> r = binario.Reader("file.dat", binario.LITTLE_ENDIAN) >>> w = binario.Writer("another_file.dat", binario.BIG_ENDIAN) What about append new data to existing file? -------------------------------------------- Yeah, it is also very simple: >>> import binario >>> w = binario.Writer("incomplete_file.dat", append=True) How to install this package? ---------------------------- Just type in your terminal >>> pip install binario Where to find documentation? ---------------------------- I make it later ;) Contribution ------------ If you do have a contribution for the package feel free to put up a Pull Request or open Issue on GitHub repo:


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