Waterfall Trekking - Maybe we often hear the terms hiking and trekking used interchangeably. We also know layman that both are outdoor activities as one of recreation facilities. But are these two terms the same? Then what's the difference between hiking and trekking? source mybalitrekking Bali - A glimpse of hiking and trekking is hiking or in the language of climbing is an outdoor activity with a walk in the natural environment where the path to be skipped has been mapped or called a climbing route such us jungle trekking . There are hikes during the day and evening hikes. While trekking is a long journey, it is done on foot. This activity usually takes place or area where there is no means of transportation available. Trekking field is not on the mountain, walking distance within a few days on the unmapped path and challenging environment such as hills or mountains. To find out more about the differences of hiking and trekking as follows. cek detail infomation bali jungle trekking this site


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