appypi: sandboxing apps from Pypi packages ========================================== **appypi** is a terminal-based `Python Package Index <>`_ package manager. Each app installed through appypi is sandboxed in an individual virtualenv and usable from the user space. No root access is required to install an app. appypi in **NOT** a replacement for `pip <>`_ or `easy_install <>`_. Actually, it uses pip intensively to manage package installations. appypi creates launchers into the user ~/bin directory. These launchers mimic the package behavior in terms of what commands can be called. For example, appypi will create a ** launcher when installing the `django <>`_ package, and a *fab* launcher when installing the `Fabric <>`_ package. This way, you can use the package as if it was installed with pip directly. appypi won't install a package if it finds it in your path already. It is your duty to take care of these external installations before using appypi. Installing a package:: $ appypi install django Looking for django... Found Django version 1.4.2 Installing... Install successful! Upgrading a package:: $ appypi upgrade django Upgrading: Django (1.3 => 1.4.2) Removing a package:: $ appypi remove django These packages will be REMOVED: Django Do you want to continue? [y/n]y Package Django has been removed.


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