pyCollocation ============= |Build Status| |Coverage Status| |Development Status| |Downloads| |DOI| .. |Build Status| image:: :target: .. |Coverage Status| image:: :target: .. |Development Status| image:: :target: .. |Latest Version] image:: :target: .. |Downloads| image:: :target: .. |DOI| image:: :target: Python package for solving initial value problems (IVP) and two-point boundary value problems (2PBVP) using the collocation method with various basis functions. Currently I have implemented the following basis functions: - Orthogonal polynomials: Chebyshev_, Laguerre_, Legendre_, and Hermite_. .. _Chebyshev: .. _Laguerre: .. _Legendre: .. _Hermite: Installation ------------ Assuming you have `pip`_ on your computer (as will be the case if you've `installed Anaconda`_) you can install the latest stable release of ``pycollocation`` by typing .. code:: bash pip install pycollocation at a terminal prompt. .. _pip: .. _`installed Anaconda`: Example notebooks ----------------- Economics ~~~~~~~~~ There are a number of example notebooks that demonstrate how to use the library to solve seminal models in the economics literature. - `Solow model of economic growth`_ - `Ramsey model of optimal savings`_ - `Spence model of costly signaling`_ - `Kiyotaki and Moore model of credit cycles`_ .. _`Solow model of economic growth`: .. _`Ramsey model of optimal savings`: .. _`Spence model of costly signaling`: .. _`Kiyotaki and Moore model of credit cycles`: Physics ~~~~~~~ - `A simple heat exchanger`_ .. _`A simple heat exchanger`: More notebooks will be added in the near future (hopefully!)


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