EULexistdb ========== EULexistdb is a `Python <>`_ module that provides utilities and classes for interacting with the `eXist-db XML Database <>`_ (version 1.4) in a pythonic, object-oriented way, with optional `Django <>`_ integration. **eulexistdb.db** provides access to an eXist-db instance through eXist's `XML-RPC API <>`_. **eulexistdb.query** provides a **QuerySet** class modeled after `Django QuerySet <>`_ in functionality. This module provides **model** and **manager** classes that can be used to connect an `eulxml <>`_ **XmlObject** with the **QuerySet** class, in order to generate XQueries and return the results as XmlObject instances. However, configuring the XmlObject XPaths to make efficent XQueries against eXist and take advantage of the full-text index does require expertise and familiarity with eXist. When used with `Django <>`_, **eulexistdb** can pull the database connection configuration from Django settings, provides a custom management command for working with the collection index configuration index in the configured eXist database, and also provides a custom template tag that can be used to highlight full-text search matches. Dependencies ------------ **eulexistdb** currently depends on `eulxml <>`_. **eulexistdb** can be used without `Django <>`_, but additional functionality is available when used with Django. Contact Information ------------------- **eulexistdb** was created by the Digital Programs and Systems Software Team of `Emory University Libraries <>`_. License ------- **eulexistdb** is distributed under the Apache 2.0 License. Development History ------------------- For instructions on how to see and interact with the full development history of **eulexistdb**, see `eulcore-history <>`_.


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