Advertising FAQ

How are ads priced?

We have packages to simplify advertising with us, but you can always put together a custom ad campaign. The exact cost will depend on your targeting with geography being the biggest factor. See our prospectus for details.

Can I post an ad promoting my job openings?

Absolutely. We have packages specifically to help you find developers.

How can I target my ads?

In line with our ethical advertising approach, we believe that ads can be well targeted while respecting users' privacy. We only target based on a user's country and the content of the page where the ad is served. This is a very powerful approach and allows combinations such as ads on Python or JavaScript documentation served to developers in the USA and Canada or ads on C# and Visual Basic documentation to developers in Austria and Germany.

For ads targeting the USA, we also support targeting by state or by metro area (DMA specifically).

We are beta testing targeting to specific projects or specific keywords. If you are interested in participating, please let us know.

What are the ad specifications?

For sidebar ads, we display a 240*180px image and up to 80 characters of supporting text. The image will be linked to the same page as the supporting text.

We can also run a fixed-footer ad which is up to 80 characters of text without an image. You can use the same text as a sidebar ad or run something different if that makes more sense.

Our prospectus has the full details and example screenshots.

Where do the ads link to?

The ads can link to any URL. Typically they will link to your landing page on your website. You may include UTM parameters or other URL parameters to know that the traffic came from your ad on our site.

How are my ads scheduled?

We attempt to schedule advertising evenly based on the length and size of your campaign. However, if you want to advertise as fast as possible, we can definitely do that.

Can I run my ad JavaScript on Read the Docs?

In order to respect our users' privacy, we do not allow any third-party ad scripts to run on Read the Docs.

How can I see how my ads are performing?

Once you become an advertiser with us, you will have access to view live reports on the performance of your ads including how many times they were viewed and clicked. We count a viewable impression when the ad comes into the browser viewport.

Where do my ads appear?

Ads appear on individual documentation microsites. More specifically, your ad will appear in the left navigation or the footer.

What type of ads are acceptable?

We want ads that are of interest to our audience of millions of software developers.

Read the Docs has final approval for all ads with respect to editorial and creative content but generally this isn't an issue.

Do my ads have to be in English?

They can be in any language you like including Spanish, Chinese, Java, Ruby, or French.

What are the details of the Read the Docs audience?

Read the Docs is 100% software developers of varying skill levels. Our peak traffic times for each region is during business hours and many people reading the docs are doing so while building software professionally. Python is by far our most popular programming language by traffic. Over 92% of our traffic is non-mobile, non-tablet. Over 90% of pageviews are for English language documentation.

We have some more details in our advertising guide.

Do my ads support open source?

Read the Docs is open source software and the ads go to support development of RTD itself as well as our significant hosting costs.

We also give away 10% of our ad space for free to community projects including non-profit developer conferences, open source projects, and more. Send us an email to be considered for our Community Ads program.

How can I get started advertising on RTD?
We thought you'd never ask. Simply fill out our advertising information form. A member of our team will contact you with a detailed prospectus and will walk you through the process of getting started advertising on Read the Docs.

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