ZTPServer, developed by the EOS+ advanced services group, in conjunction with the Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) feature in Arista EOS allows automated provisioning and replacement of switches from a central server deployed on an existing system or as a virtual-appliance. Switches can be deployed with a range of options from a push of a centrally maintained config up to a fully templated environment where a switches role, configuration, and desired software and extensions are determined by its neighbor-connectivity on startup. In other words, as you add racks to scale your environment, rack the top-of-rack switch(es), ensure an interface is connected to the management network with your ZTPServer, connect links to the spine and power on. ZTPServer's easy to maintain, YAML-style configurations allow it to validate consistent uplink connectivity, install a bootstrap client on the switch, install the desired version of EOS and all desired extensions, and configure the switch(es), all in a matter of minutes.


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