Learn how to use symfonite-project ================================== ( About *symfonite* ----------------- *Symfonite* is a *symfony 1.4* ( extension intended to: * make easier the management of users, roles and applications, allowing to organize them in a very complete and flexible way through a backend application from which all the system is configured and controlled. * easily build scaffolded symfonite applications which are plugged in the overall system. These applications are registered in the system and can be linked to the users trough credentials. They also are provided with a common menu from which the user can change the role, jump to another application, change its personal configuration and logout. A custom menu can be added and builded by using the menu-builder tool of the backend application. * Allow the *Federated Identity*. The *symfonite* applications can act as a service provider in an application federation, and its identification system can also act as a identity provider. Build application federations and integrate *symfonite* in an existing one is an easy task. At this moment, SAML ( and PAPI ( protocols are implemented. The extension consits in a combination of *symfony* plugins. Some of them have been developed at the *Departamento de Telemática y Desarrollo del Instituto de Tecnologías Educativas* (, and some others are well-known symfony plugins.


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