# Turbo Simple and Powerfull Utility for [Docker][1] [![codebeat badge](]( [![Build Status](]( [![Build Status](]( ![turbo1]( ## Getting Started ![turbo]( ### Prerequisites * Go v1.6 * Docker v1.11 and above (Note that the code uses the relatively new Go vendoring, so building requires Go 1.6 or later, or you must export GO15VENDOREXPERIMENT=1 when building with Go 1.5.) ### Principles: We welcome every idea that the contributors put forward to.But to analyze the best amongst them, we consider two basic & important fundamental principles * KISS(Keep it simple stupid) The idea of the project [Turbo][2] is to make the lives of docker users more easy and time saving than before.If you have got an idea that you think is useful and simple to implement for [docker][1] users.Please submit us your idea by creating an issue !! * Don't Reinvent the Wheel Docker is an amazing effort towards making the containers easy to adapt.It has a variety of amazing and awesome features for the open source community.By building [Turbo][2],let's try to not build it into a subsitute of features that [Docker][1] already has !! ### Steps to follow ```` $ go get -v $ cd $GOPATH/src/ $ go build main.go $ ./turbo Turbo: Simple and Powerfull utility for Docker Usage: Turbo [command] Available Commands: backup backups all your docker stuff clean Cleans up all your docker images destroy Erases off all the exited containers kickstart restarts all your containers quickly monitor To monitor your containers replica To create Replicas of your containers rkt Installs and configures rkt search Search images from multiple registries ship Transfer your docker images over a remote i.p. version prints the current version number of turbo Flags: --config string config file (default is $HOME/.turbo.yaml) -h, --help help for Turbo -t, --toggle Help message for toggle Use "Turbo [command] --help" for more information about a command. ```` Adding it to your path : ```` $ alias turbo="sudo '${GOPATH}/src/'" ```` ## About Turbo [Turbo][2] is a cool new way to use [docker][1] in a fun and easy way.It uses [docker][1] commands in the backend.Built using Golang.This project is dedicated to docker users who would like to use [docker][1] in a more effective and faster way. ## Commands [Backup](#backup) | [Clean](#clean) | [Version](#version) | [Destroy](#destroy) | [Kickstart](kickstart) ### Backup Backups all your stuff so that you can have a copy in case anything goes wrong. ```` $turbo backup ```` ### Clean Wipes of all your docker images from your system. ```` $turbo clean ```` ### Destroy Kills all of your exited containers. ```` $turbo clear ```` ### Kickstart Restarts all of your containers. ```` $turbo kickstart ```` ### Version Displays info about version of turbo. ```` $turbo version ```` ## Contributing Contributions can be made easily by making PR's and opening issues on the github repo.Big Thank you to all the contributors ! ## License [Apache License 2.0](LICENSE) [1]: [2]:


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