======== TeleSign ======== :Info: For more information, visit the `TeleSign web site <>`_. For the latest source code, visit the `TeleSign github repository <>`_. :Author: Telesign Corp. --------------------------------- TeleSign Web Services: Python SDK --------------------------------- **TeleSign Web Services** conform to the `REST Web Service Design Model <>`_. Services are exposed as URI-addressable resources through the set of *RESTful* procedures in our **TeleSign REST API**. The **TeleSign Python SDK** is a set of software development tools—a *Python Library* that wraps the TeleSign REST API, and it simplifies TeleSign application development in the `Python programming language <>`_. The SDK software is listed in the `Python Package Index (PyPI) <>`_ , as the **telesign** Python package. Installation ------------ With `Easy Install <>`_ installed, simply type **easy\_install telesign** at the command prompt. Alternatively, you can download the project source, and execute **python install**. Python Code Example: To Verify a Call ------------------------------------- Here's a basic code example. :: >>> from telesign.api import Verify >>> phone_number = "13103409700" >>> cust_id = "FFFFFFFF-EEEE-DDDD-1234-AB1234567890" >>> secret_key = "EXAMPLE----TE8sTgg45yusumoN6BYsBVkh+yRJ5czgsnCehZaOYldPJdmFh6NeX8kunZ2zU1YWaUw/0wV6xfw==" >>> verify = Verify(cust_id, secret_key) # Instantiate a Verify instance object, >>> result =, verify_code=1234) # and use it to call the "call" method. >>> print {u'status': {u'updated_on': u'2012-04-23T21:28:06.837153', u'code': 103, u'description': u'Call in progress'}, u'errors': [], u'verify': {u'code_state': u'UNKNOWN', u'code_entered': u''}, u'sub_resource': u'call', u'reference_id': u'DGFDF6E11AB86303ASDFD425BE00000657', u'resource_uri': u'/v1/verify/DGFDF6E11AB86303ASDFD425BE00000657'} For more examples, see the Documentation section below. Authentication -------------- You will need a Customer ID and API Key in order to use TeleSign’s REST API. If you are already a customer and need an API Key, you can generate one in the `Client Portal <>`_. If you are not a customer and would like to get an API Key, please contact ` <>`_ Documentation ------------- You will need sphinx_ installed to generate the documentation. Documentation can be generated by running **python doc**. Generated documentation can be found in the *doc/build/* directory. Detailed documentation for TeleSign™ REST APIs is available in the `Client Portal <>`_ Testing ------- The easiest way to run the tests is to install `nose <>`_ (**easy_install nose**) and run **nosetests** or **python test** in the root of the distribution. Tests are located in the *test/* directory. Support and Feedback -------------------- For more information about the Phone Verify and PhoneID Standard services, please contact your TeleSign representative: Email: ` <>`_ .. _sphinx:


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