sc-galaxy ========= The Galaxy bioinformatics software on top of Amazon EC2 instances launched via MIT StarCluster. .. note:: This project has nothing to do with astronomy. If you were deposited here by a search engine, then blame the names of the software used by the project and not us. The aim of this project is to provide instructions for setting up Galaxy (both a main tool server and a tool shed) via the very handy StarCluster software from MIT STAR. The rationale behind this is discussed in the documentation included with this project. An HTML representation of the documentation can be found at: The ``config`` directory contains a model configurations for you to use for StarCluster and Galaxy; you will need to modify the various files according the instructions in the documentation. The ``tools`` directory contains example Galaxy tools which you can use to test your tool development and deployment machinery, once you have working Galaxy servers. Sources for the documentation is located in the ``doc`` directory. The source format is reStructuredText with Sphinx extensions. You will probably want to have Sphinx installed before building the documentation. More information on Sphinx can be found here: * * At some point in the future (time and motivation permitting), this project may contain the sources for a StarCluster plugin for automatically setting up Galaxy on a StarCluster instance. .. vim: set ft=rst sts=3 sw=3 tw=79:


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