Samantha Chez Magbanua basically belongs to Tarmarac, Florida. Being a housewife, she plays the most important role in the world. She is a Multi-Tasker who likes to buy goods for her family, doing the cooking and fulfill the basic necessities of her everyday life. Apart from being a good homemaker, she is a tremendous mother to her children. Being a housewife, Samantha Chez-Magbanua keeps herself involved in completing her daily household work related to her home. She is a great chef as she likes to cook food. She is also responsible for clearing up all the messes. She is the official manager of her home as she has to oversee all the things in such a way that it will help her in managing the overall functionality of her home. Being a mom, Samantha Chez-Magbanua teaches her children about the essential things that play an important role in their coming future. She likes to teach them about maintaining a good family relationship with others. She also guides her children in becoming mentally strong and prepares them for facing the realities of life. She keeps on organizing several activities for them in order to enhance their learning abilities. Samantha Chez-Magbanua also accompanies her children to several sports activities that help them in becoming physically stronger. Samantha Chez-Magbanua is a good social worker, who likes to help the poor and the needy people of her country. She has a special place for them. She also likes to spend some time with her friends and in doing shopping.


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