pyvenvwrapper is a small and lightweight set of Bash script functions, that enhance the use of Python standard library venv module for management of virtual environments. Between Python 3.2 and Python 3.6 venv module was wrapped in a pyvenv script, that is now officially deprecated in favor of direct usage of venv module. pyvenvwrapper functions allow to create and manipulate virtual environments and corresponding projet folders in a convenient way using only their names. Additional feature is automatic activation/deactivation of virtual environment when changing current working directory in the shell. Since venv and virtualenv use similar technics for virtual environments, pyvenvwrapper can be used for both, though main aim is venv. pyvenvwrapper can be used to manage virtual environments and corresponding project folders or only virtual environments. In former case it assumes that the same name is used for virtual environment folder and the project folder which uses this virtual environment. The directories containing this folders are configured using special variables. The idea to create pyvenvwrapper is inspired by using virtualenvwrapper, which at that moment didn't have support for pyvenv and venv virtual environment management. pyvenvwrapper code is in no way related to virtualenvwrapper code.


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