Pyrana is a pure-python package which provides easy, pythonic and powerful handling of multimedia files. - easy: pyrana does not submerge you with tons of options and details, but is filled with sane defaults. pyrana aims to be multimedia processing what `requests <>`_ is for http. - pythonic: pyrana wants to play nice and work well with the other well-established relevant python packages: `Pillow <>`_, `pygame <>`_, `PySDL2 <>`_, `PyAudio <>`_, `numpy <>`_ compatibility is coming soon. - powerful: pyrana provides an independent API, but is built on the great foundations provided by the `powerful FFMpeg libraries <>`_. pyrana is a modern, pure python package which is developed for python 3 and compatible with python 2.7, which takes great advantage of `CFFI <>`_, so the compatibility with `pypy <>`_ is just one step away. pyrana offers a minimum 100% unit-test and documentation coverage, and put great emphasis on small, yet complete and workable examples. Last but not least, pyrana is released under the very liberal ZLIB license. More documentation about pyrana on `this series of blog posts <>`_


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