pygtrie ======= pygtrie is a Python library implementing a trie data structure. `Trie data structure <>`_, also known as radix or prefix tree, is a tree associating keys to values where all the descendants of a node have a common prefix (associated with that node). The trie module contains ``Trie``, ``CharTrie`` and ``StringTrie`` classes each implementing a mutable mapping interface, i.e. ``dict`` interface. As such, in most circumstances, ``Trie`` could be used as a drop-in replacement for a ``dict``, but the prefix nature of the data structure is trie’s real strength. The module also contains ``PrefixSet`` class which uses a trie to store a set of prefixes such that a key is contained in the set if it or its prefix is stored in the set. Features -------- * A full mutable mapping implementation. * Supports iterating over as well as deleting a subtrie. * Supports prefix checking as well as shortest and longest prefix look-up. * Extensible for any kind of user-defined keys. * A PrefixSet supports “all keys starting with given prefix” logic. * Can store any value including None. Installation ------------ To install pygtrie, run:: pip install pygtrie Or download the sources and save ```` file with your project.


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