What is pyfreebilling --------------------- pyfreebilling is an **open source wholesale billing platform** for **FreeSWITCH**. pyfreebilling is developed under python, LUA and PostgreSQL as the database layer. License ------- pyfreebilling is under **GPLv3 license**. You can read it in COPYING file. Features -------- There are a some features supported. Most of them are configurable via the web interface. A few of them are: * Customer add/modify/delete * IP termination * SIP authentication * Prepaid and/or postpaid * Realtime billing * Block calls on negative balance (prepaid) or balance under credit limit (postpaid) * Block / allow negative margin calls * Email alerts * Daily balance email to customer * Limit the maximum number of calls per customer and/or per gateway * Multiple contexts * Tons of media handling options * Powerfull ratecard engine * * Provider add/modify/delete * Powerful LCR engine * Routing based on area code * Routing decision based on quality, reliability, cost or load balancing (equal) * Limit max channels by each provider gateway * Extensive call and financial reporting screens (TBD) * CDR export to CSV * Design for scalability and much more :)


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