Py6S is a Python programming language interface to the 6S Radiative Transfer Model. It allows you to run many 6S simulations using a simple Python syntax, rather than dealing with the rather cryptic 6S input and output files. As well as generally making it easier to use 6S, Py6S adds new features including: * The ability to run many simulations easily and quickly, with no manual editing of input files * The ability to run for many wavelengths and/or angles and easily plot the results * The ability to import real-world data to parameterise 6S, from radiosonde measurements and AERONET sun photometer measurements Py6S was originally created as part of my PhD, to allow me to easily run a number of 6S simulations - to perform sensitivity analyses, for example - but has now been extended to cover the entire range of 6S functionality. Anything that can be done using the standard 6S model can be done through Py6S.


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