PlatformIO ========== `Website + Library Search <>`_ | `Documentation <>`_ | `Project Examples <>`_ | `Blog <>`_ | `Twitter <>`_ *Atmel AVR & SAM, Freescale Kinetis, Nordic nRF51, NXP LPC, ST STM32, TI MSP430 & Tiva, Teensy, Arduino, mbed, libOpenCM3, etc.* .. image:: :target: `PlatformIO <>`_ is a cross-platform code builder and the missing library manager. * `Get Started <!/get-started>`_ * `Web 2.0 Library Search <!/lib>`_ * `Development Platforms <!/platforms>`_ * `Frameworks <!/frameworks>`_ * `Embedded Boards Explorer <!/boards>`_ * `Library Manager <>`_ * `User Guide <>`_ * `IDE Integration <>`_ * `Articles about us <>`_ * `Release History <>`_ You have **no need** to install any *IDE* or compile any tool chains. *PlatformIO* has pre-built different development platforms including: compiler, debugger, uploader (for embedded boards) and many other useful tools. Use whenever. *Run everywhere.* ------------------------------- *PlatformIO* is written in pure *Python* and **doesn't depend** on any additional libraries/tools from an operation system. It allows you to use *PlatformIO* beginning from *PC (Mac, Linux, Win)* and ending with credit-card sized computers (`Raspberry Pi <>`_, `BeagleBone <>`_, `CubieBoard <>`_). Embedded Development. *Easier Than Ever.* ----------------------------------------- *PlatformIO* is well suited for embedded development and has pre-configured settings for most popular `Embedded Boards <!/boards>`_. * Colourful `command-line output <>`_ * Built-in `Serial Port Monitor <>`_ * Configurable `build -flags/-options <>`_ * Automatic **firmware uploading** * Integration with `development environments (IDE) <>`_ * Ready for **Cloud Compiling** and **Continuous Integration** * Pre-built tool chains, frameworks for the popular `Hardware Platforms <!/platforms>`_ .. image:: :target: :alt: PlatformIO Embedded Development Process The Missing Library Manager. *It's here!* ----------------------------------------- *PlatformIO Library Manager* is the missing library manager for development platforms which allows you to organize and have up-to-date external libraries. * Friendly `Command-Line Interface <>`_ * Modern `Web 2.0 Library Search <!/lib>`_ * Open Source `Library Registry API <>`_ * Library Crawler based on `library.json <>`_ specification * Library **dependency management** * Automatic library updating .. image:: :target: :alt: PlatformIO Library Manager Architecture Smart Code Builder. *Fast and Reliable.* ---------------------------------------- *PlatformIO Code Builder* is built-on a next-generation software construction tool named `SCons <>`_. Think of *SCons* as an improved, cross-platform substitute for the classic *Make* utility. * Reliable, automatic *dependency analysis* * Reliable detection of *build changes* * Improved support for *parallel builds* * Ability to share *built files in a cache* * Lookup for external libraries which are installed via `Library Manager <>`_ .. image:: :target: :alt: PlatformIO Code Builder Architecture Single source code. *Multiple platforms.* ----------------------------------------- *PlatformIO* allows developer to compile the same code with different development platforms using the *Only One Command* `platformio run <>`_. This happens due to `Project Configuration File (platformio.ini) <>`_ where you can setup different environments with specific options (platform type, firmware uploading settings, pre-built framework, build flags and many more). It has support for the most popular embedded platforms: * `Atmel AVR <!/platforms/atmelavr>`_ * `Atmel SAM <!/platforms/atmelsam>`_ * `Freescale Kinetis <!/platforms/freescalekinetis>`_ * `Nordic nRF51 <!/platforms/nordicnrf51>`_ * `NXP LPC. <!/platforms/nxplpc>`_ * `ST STM32 <!/platforms/ststm32>`_ * `Teensy <!/platforms/teensy>`_ * `TI MSP430 <!/platforms/timsp430>`_ * `TI TIVA C <!/platforms/titiva>`_ Frameworks: * `Arduino <!/frameworks/arduino>`_ * `CMSIS <!/frameworks/cmsis>`_ * `libOpenCM3 <!/frameworks/libopencm3>`_ * `Energia <!/frameworks/energia>`_ * `SPL <!/frameworks/spl>`_ * `mbed <!/frameworks/mbed>`_ Licence ------- Copyright (C) 2014-2015 Ivan Kravets Licenced under the MIT Licence.


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