Paper ======= Most consumers or users are often overwhelmed by the number of `paper <>`_ options they are faced with when trying to buy paper in any form or shape from shops, online or not. The hardest part is when you have to pick which paper is best suited for you. Depending on whether you are a high-school student, professor, artist, or just a stay at home mother or father, you will use at some point in time different types of paper. Like for example, `math <>`_ students will usually use graph paper for solving functions, a professor would usually prefer `lined paper <>`_ for planning or preparing teaching materials, a mother will mostly use a blank sheet of paper for writing planners or to-do lists, an artist, let's say musician, will use blank sheet music, and so on. So be ready to choose paper that's either firm or flimsy if you decide to print important documents or just your everyday stuff that you use so that they last longer. The `thickness <>`_ and sturdiness give the paper it's characteristics. If you are in need of a proper printable paper then you should definitely choose the one that is thickest. The finished paper work will be more sturdy and durable resulting in less deterioration with time. Besides the durability of a paper, there are also sizes you have to take in consideration. There is a large number of standard conventions that have been installed during different periods of time in different countries. In `Europe <>`_ , many countries use the A and B series which includes the A4 size that it's commonly used for legal documents. Meanwhile in the US, the commonly used paper sizes are "Letter" and "Legal".


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