Imagine that you can just start complex environments for your team members with just couple of commands and with predefined setup. If someone messes up the configuration then just restart and everythings is fine. So in short the platform command is a development tool for managing and running single projects or tightly coupled projects via container environment. In a long run aims to be kind of swiss army knife for configuring different like development environments. With this tool you can configure container with single yaml file and you get configured development environment running instantly. Host files can be mounted inside where you want so you see live changes in your environment or you can override configuration to spesific needs without touching the original code coming from code repository. Everything is configurable what is happening inside containers. Of course everyhing what this tool does can be done using basic shell commands and wizardry, but in the long run it will be cumbersome when handling multiple projects and more if there are some how related to each other.


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