The program is a single module that takes a on-c-e calculation markup file as input and returns a formatted ASCII calculation document as output. The module combines several classes into one file to simplify installation and experimentation on Python web platforms like Wakari. Before beta release it will be broken into a more typical package with several modules. For simplicity this alpha release of includes the Unum and tabulate packages as classes since they are typically not part of Python scientific distributions. Other dependencies are already installed on Wakari and other web platforms. (note: is a subset of oncemod, a Python package for workstations.)

The alpha code and documentation are released to solicit early feedback on basic concepts. Currently the program can run usable calculation models, as illustrated in the examples. However a number of classes and methods are not implemented yet. Effort has been put into simplification and clarity of the model input interface.

Progress can be tracked at Trello:

Running the Program

Load and the model file into the same directory, cd to the directory and type, from a terminal window:

python model1.txt

where 'modelfile.txt' is the file name of the on-c-e input model. The program will execute the file and return results to the screen (stdout) and to a file with the name 'modelfilecal.txt'. runs in a terminal shell on the Wakari Python web platform.

The user manual and program are here:

Additional model files are here:

Source code is here:


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