A Blender 2.6+ addon that aims to implement Motion Graphs

This add-on demonstrates how motion graphs can be created in Blender in order to create a variety of arbitrary length character animations from a small set of character motions.

This add-on implements motion graphs as described in Motion Graphs paper by Kovar, Gleicher, and Pighin from SIGGRAPH 2002. The add-on can import set of motion captured BVH files and construct a motion graph based on some given parameters. This motion graph can be stored in memory and used until Blender is running, or can be baked to a file in a compact format so that it can be retrieved later without the need of re-computation. This motion graph can be used to generate arbitrary length motions that is composed of frames from the original motions and some generated transition frames between them.

The add-on is currently being extended for path synthesis where the the animation required to make the character traverse an arbitrary path will be generated from the motion graph.


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