Sample LTI Provider for Flask ============================= This is a sample LTI provider for the Flask framework. It is a minimal implementation that provides a starting point for a custom LTI provider. It is one of a series of LTI providers written for popular frameworks and using the Python LTI library, PyLTI. Additional sample LTI providers for other Python frameworks are listed on the PyLTI Github site, ` <>`_. While these LTI provider examples can be used with any LTI consumer, they were created for use with edX. Integrating an LTI provider with edX is described in the edX LTI `docs. <>`_ You will need both this app and the PyLTI library to create your own LTI provider. Each sample contains only the code variations necessary to support its specific framework. By creating an interface boundary between a sample provider and PyLTI, PyLTI manages the specific LTI features and each sample manages the specific requirements of its framework. You can easily switch your custom provider from one framework to another. Please see the PyLTI README ` <>`_ for a detailed description of the architecture.


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