Madcore A.I. renders a fly-by isometric bird's-eye view of your AWS EC2 elements. It will turn your VPC's, Regions, Availability Zones and Instances into a city you can visualize and probe. It is by nature non-invasive, gentle and calm. However, when you so desire, it will deploy a Madcore Core t2.small AWS instance, packed with seeds to help you grow into a professional DevOps assistant with Big Data and Deep Learning in mind. Core is packed with best of the best to kick-start your infrastructure. It starts with setting up Jenkins and HAProxy, DNS delegation, proper SSL certificate, deploys several dozens of DSL Jenkins jobs to act as API for this app. Madcore A.I. is then directly communicating with your Core to set up build, Docker image versioning, tagging, packaging, and Kubernetes pods deploy pipelines. AWS EC2 Schedules Feature allows you to define a week by hour (as per screenshot). Touch-add instances and Core-Jenkins will auto-start and auto-shutdown instances in active schedules. Never overpay for development or build instances being idle. Current features and capabilities of the Core instance are as follows: Habitat by Chef Docker Docker Private Registry Docker Compose Jenkins Kubernetes (original gce container) Heapster (original gce container) Grafana (original gce container) InfluxDB (original gce container) Spark (original gce container) (requires larger instance) Zeppelin (original gce container) (requires larger instance) Extend Kubernetes Cluster - Spot-Instance Auto-Scaling-Group (experimental) Extend Spark Cluster - Spot-Instance Auto-Scaling-Group (experimental) Extend GPU Cluster (DeepLearning4j, Cuda7) - Spot-Instance Auto-Scaling-Group (experimental) PLEASE NOTE: Core instance is more advanced than functionality exposed in the App. You will get list of all dashboards available. All communication is over valid SSL with core in your space or AWS API directly. This app has FollowMeSecurityGroup. It will conveniently detect your public IP and reconfigure Security Group for Core instance to only allow access from where you are. All elements constructed with CloudFormation hence updates or complete removal is very easy if you ever decide to do so. Security and privacy are very important to us. Your credentials are protected. No AWS cost is incurred without your consent. More info at Chat to us at App at CLI at Docker Hub at


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