Activate Anti-Theft Protection On Your Macbook

There are plenty of requests in the web concerning the recovery of stolen MacBooks as it can be a real disaster when you are on the go. Mac OS has totally free, built-in Find my Mac function, which can be useful but insufficient at the same time. Find My Mac shows the approximate location, though this information is often not enough for the police, especially in densely populated areas. On the other hand you can use specially designed tool that compiles all data on the stolen Mac location and takes thief snapshot when the Mac is on. What you should do: download MacKeeper → activate Anti-Theft function in your account → and start getting the tracking details of your Mac and snapshots of the thief every 5 minutes via email. To make sure you have every advantage in recovering your Mac, support team will call and email you the report. The price starts from 4,95 $ per month for 24-month subscription plan. Not so much considering the cost of Macbook and all the important files stored on it.


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