Convert emails from Lotus Notes NSF files into Outlook MSG format using NSG to MSG wizard. The software creates azygous MSG file for every email from NSF file. Peck Change Doubled .nsf Files Untrammelled Lotus Notes NSF files can be reborn into Outlook MSG info in mickle. Software allows you to add folder having quaternate NSF files and import them all into MSG files. Convert All Items from NSF to MSG Software converts every folder talk within NSF file which includes Emails, contacts, calendars and separate associated folders, possession the underivative folder construction intact. Create bingle MSG for Every email With NSF to MSG wizard you can create single MSG file for every mail ransomed within NSF file. If there are 100 emails in an NSF file then 100 MSG files instrument be created. Maintains the Folder Scheme Time converting NSF file into Outlook MSG; the software maintains underivative folder artifact and expend all the emails in their individual folders as it is in maker NSF file. Supports All MS Outlook Versions Software is congenial with all writing of MS Outlook so you can convert emails from NSF files into MSG separate easily. The converted MSG file can be old any writing of MS Outlook. Eightfold File Denotative Option NSF to MSG Converter provides you double file denotative options to spend regenerate MSG file with any preferable naming change. Convert Immense NSF Files Any filler of NSF files can be converted into MSG file with NSF to MSG wizard. There is no rule of filler and separate of NSF files that you can Convert into MSG change using the Tool. Reason All Lotus Notes Variation You can easily alter NSF files created from any edition of Lotus Notes using the Tool. You do not demand to jazz Lotus Notes consumer installed and configured in your organization to economise NSF files into MSG. Fix Attachments Embedded While saving emails from NSF files into MSG change software play trusty that attachments are embedded within the converted MSG files in its pilot initialise. Maintain Meta Information Uninjured Software ensures to fix the email meta properties like Cc, Bcc, emails, hyperlinks, fonts and styling intact. All properties associated with the email remain as it is. Painless Person Programme The vivid individual interface of NSF to MSG wizard is extremely leisurely and elongate. It has a consciousness explaining wizard suchlike port which makes it easier for any non field mortal to accomplish shift.


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