libckan ======= libckan is a Python library for OKFN CKAN APIv3. It will support the Action API `CKAN API`_, of CKAN v2.0.0. It might eventually support the DataStore API `DATASTORE API`_, and the FileStore API `FILESTORE API`_, by re-using ckanclient codebase and become the de-facto CKAN standard client library. However, the plans actually are to make it a ckanclient `CKANCLIENT`_ companion. It is libckan aim to reach 90%+ test coverage before pushing the source-code to the public. .. _CKAN API: .. _DATASTORE API: .. _FILESTORE API: .. _CKANCLIENT: Documentation ------------- Work in progress. You will use libckan like this::: import libckan.logic.action.get packages = libckan.logic.action.get.package_search(q='test') Values and Strategy ------------------- The following is the set of Values being followed while developing libckan. They are listed in preferred order and priority. 1. Use `Semantic Versioning`_ 2. Adhere to CKAN API syntax and semantics as most as possible. 3. Document the Public API and the Models 4. No commit/merge in master unless a 90%+ test coverage is ensured for the file. Rare exceptions may exist (e.g., HTTP errors non reproducible) 5. Adhere to `PEP8`_ before a version is released .. _Semantic Versioning: .. _PEP8: License ------------ BSD 3-Clause License (Revised). See COPYING.rst for the license. Status ------------ Very, very early development. Stay tuned.


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