iaTorrent (Internet Archive torrent snatcher) ============================================= Description ~~~~~~~~~~~ iaTorrent snatches all of the torrents for a given collection in the Internet Archive. You'll need a json file for all the items in the collection with at least the title and identifier. You can get that from the Internet Archive `advanced search page <>`_. You'll need Query parameters as well. I grab the parameters from the 'All items (most recently added first) link on a collection page. Example: `York University Library collection <>`_ Query parameters: :: (collection:yorkuniversity AND format:pdf) AND -mediatype:collection Fields to return: identifier, title Number of results: 2608 (number of items in the collection) `Example <>`_ Installation ~~~~~~~~~~~~ iaTorrent is a single-file python module that you can drop into your project as needed or you can install globally with: :: pip install iaTorrent or :: cd ia-torrent sudo python install Usage ~~~~~ From python you can use the iaTorrent module to snatch a collection of torrents like this: :: import iaTorrent torrent = iaTorrent.download_torrents('url_for_json', 'path_to_download_directory') Or from the commandline: :: -f 'url_for_json' -d 'path_to_download_directory' Test suite ~~~~~~~~~~ :: python test Development ~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. `Fork the repository <>`_ 2. Do something awesome! 3. `Submit a pull request <>`_ explianing what your plugin does License ~~~~~~~ .. figure:: :align: left :alt: CC0 CC0 - Public Domain


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