# HOW TO GET MORE YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBERS # # A GUIDE TO SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS # You're a small or medium business owner or a representative of an organisation. Or maybe a freelancer. You've got your own YouTube channel. Excellent step! To make the most of your YouTube marketing endeavours you need an abundance of subscribers. Here follow some tips on how to get more YouTube subscribers for your channel. ## CREATE VIDEOS FOR A 'HOT' YOUTUBE TOPIC ## Some YouTube themes and topicsare far more popular than others. For example, audiences enjoy a good funny video on YouTube. As a matter of fact, whooping 33 percent of YouTube visitorswatch mainly comedy video clips on YouTube. This is followed by gaming videos. Third in line is vlogging at 15 percent, followed by such topics as music videos, food and technology. The lesson from this is to produce videos about topics and themes that are most preferred in YouTube.This is the way to generate more audiences, interest and eventually subscribers to your YouTube channel. ## CREATE A YOUTUBE BRAND ## Successful YouTube strategy is more advanced than merely uploading videos and hoping for a great response! You need to create your personal/business YouTube brand. This can be achieved by many things. One of the first steps is todesign and upload a channel banner. Don't forget to insert your social icons within the banner. On the banner you can briefly introduce your channel, thus gaining attention of your audience immediately. When your YouTube channel reaches more than 100 subscribers, create a custom YouTube channel URL. This will look more professional and will also enhance brand awareness. Another way to boost your brand awareness is to use custom made intro and outro for each video you produce. This is a good way to inform viewers about who you are straight from the beginning. This will also make your channel look more professional and enhance that unique brand vibe. You can use one of many [London video productions]( to create such intro and outro segments. ## CHOOSE TRENDING TOPICS FOR YOUR VIDEOS ## Some subject matters are more popular than others. Choosing popular and trending topics for your videos is most likely to result in more video viewsand more subscribers. ## USE THOUGHT PROVOKING TITLE AND DESCRIPTION ## Make certain your video clips stand out by accompanying them with thought provoking titles as well as descriptions that subtly incorporate relevant keywords. Use the same keywords as tags for your video tags are super important to make your videos more discoverable for general audiences. INCLUDE CALL TO ACTION AT THE END OF EACH VIDEO Even the biggest brands such as late-night shows end their videos with a request to subscribe to their channel. You also should not forget to incorporate a call to action at the end of each video which encourages audiences to subscribe for your YouTube channel. ## COLLABORATE ## Collaborate with your subscribers and viewers. Introduce contests or other interactive activities. This will build trust in your brand (and gain new subscribers). Another valuable way to get more subscribers is to engage with other YouTuberslike your own and create collaborative videos. This, as well as networking in real life, will also help to establish important connections with people in your niche.


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