A Python-based GuildWars2 helper tool gw2copilot is a browser-based "helper" for Guild Wars 2, to automate manual tasks that players currently perform out of the game. It is developed for either native Windows or Wine/PlayOnLinux and interfaces with both the official ArenaNet GuildWars ReST API (for both general information and account-specific data) and also makes use of the MumbleLink memory-mapped file to retrieve realtime character location from the game. This aims to automate manual tasks that players currently perform, including looking up zone maps online, tracking ToDo's, etc. This project is not a game overlay; its runs as a standalone webserver, intended to display data in a browser on a second monitor. It also does not, and will not, incorporate anything that violates the User Agreement or Rules of Conduct; aside from the documented ReST APIs which it uses to communicate with ArenaNet servers, the only way this software interacts with the game is by reading information from the documented MumbleLink memory-mapped file to determine current character and location.


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