Shoviv Groupwise to Office 365 migration tool is the best way to migrate Novell Groupwise mailboxes into Office 365 mailboxes. This migration tool provides user-friendly GUI, which help users to efficiently migrate mailboxes items without any issue. On the other hand, this tool also migrates Groupwise local/remote/archive data with all attachments directly into Office 365 mailbox/archive mailbox or public folder respectively. I suggest Shoviv Groupwise to Office 365 migration tool for all Groupwise users who want complete migration from Novell Groupwise mailbox to office 365 cloud server. Following are some key features of shoviv Groupwise to Office 365 migration tool: • Easier and fast migration from Groupwise to office 365 • Migrate Groupwise archive data into Office 365 mailboxes • Provide a quick preview of mailbox items before conversion • Split large PST files into multiple smaller PSTs • Users easily establish Groupwise connectivity via Cache mailbox path, Remote mailbox path, Online mode, Default mode include proxy, etc • Support all version of Novell Groupwise and Microsoft Windows • Exclude & filter already migrated items during migration • Provide Free trial version with excellent technical support For more info visit here:


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