========== GCS-Client ========== .. image:: :target: .. image:: :target: .. image:: :target: Google Cloud Storage Python Client - Apache 2.0 License - Documentation: The idea is to create a client with similar functionality to `Google's appengine-gcs-client`_ but intended for applications running from outside Google's AppEngine. Cloud Storage documentation can be found at Google_ Features -------- For now only basic functionality is available: - Creating buckets - Deleting buckets - Listing buckets in a project - Getting default bucket for a project - Getting bucket attributes - Listing objects in a bucket - Getting objects attributes - Deleting objects - Reading object contents - Writing an object - Configurable retries with Truncated Exponential Backoff Usage Example ------------- To use gcs-client in a project you will need to have Credentials to access intended Google Cloud Storage. Credentials are generated in `Google Developers Console`_ in the `Credentials section`_ of the API Manager of the project. Recommended credentials file is JSON. Once you have the credentials you can start using gcs_client to access your project: .. code-block:: python import gcs_client credentials = gcs_client.Credentials('private_key.json') project = gcs_client.Project('project_name', credentials) # Print buckets in the project buckets = project.list() print 'Buckets:\n\t- ','\n\t- '.join(map(str, buckets)) # Print some information from first bucket bucket = buckets[0] print 'Bucket %s is located in %s with storage class %s' % (bucket, bucket.location, bucket.storageClass) # List the objects in the bucket objects = bucket.list() if objects: print '\t','\n\t'.join(map(lambda o: + ' has %s bytes' % o.size, objects)) # Read the contents from the first file with objects[0].open() as obj: print 'Contents of file %s are:\n' %, else: print 'There are no objects, nothing to do' More examples can be found in the documentation, in the Usage section. .. _Google's appengine-gcs-client: .. _Google: .. _Google Developers Console: .. _Credentials section:


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