This is a collection of tutorials for the FIWARE system. Each tutorial consists of a series of exercises to demonstrate the correct use of individual FIWARE components and shows the flow of context data within a simple Smart Solution either by connecting to a series of dummy IoT devices or manipulating the context directly or programmatically. Each tutorial is a self contained learning exercise designed to teach the developer about a single aspect of FIWARE. A summary of the goal of the tutorial can be found in the description at the head of each page. Every tutorial is associated with a GitHub repository holding the configuration files needed to run the examples. Most of the tutorials build upon concepts or enablers described in previous exercises the to create a complex smart solution which is "powered by FIWARE". The tutorials are split according to the chapters defined within the FIWARE catalog and are numbered in order of difficulty within each chapter hence the an introduction to a given enabler will occur before the full capabilities of that element are explored in more depth. It is recommended to start with reading the full Essential Core Context Chapter before moving on to other subjects, as this will give you an fuller understanding of the role of context data in general. However it is not necessary to follow all the subsequent tutorials sequentially - as FIWARE is a modular system, you can choose which enablers are of interest to you.


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