fcache ====== About ----- fcache is a simple, persistent, file-based cache module for Python. It uses `cPickle <>`_ to store objects into a cache file and `appdirs <>`_ to ensure that cache files are stored in platform-appropriate, application-specific directories. It supports optional, time-based data expiration. It's Simple ----------- :: >>> import fcache >>> cache = fcache.Cache("population", "statistics-fetcher") >>> cache.set("chicago", 9729825) >>> print cache.get("chicago") 9729825 Using fcache is as simple as creating a ``Cache`` object, setting data, and getting data back. It's Persistent --------------- :: >>> exit() $ python >>> import fcache >>> cache = fcache.Cache("population", "statistics-fetcher") >>> print cache.get("chicago") 9729825 Cached data doesn't disappear when you stop using a ``Cache`` object. When you create a new object with the same arguments, your data is still there, just like you left it. It's File-Based --------------- :: >>> print cache.filename /Users/tsr/Library/Caches/statistics-fetcher/248081ecb337c85ec8e4330e6099625a Cached data is stored in a file, plain and simple. You can see it on the file system. You can delete it, copy it, or write your own library to open it. It's Time-Aware --------------- :: >>> import time >>> cache.set("chicago", 9729825, 30) >>> print cache.get("chicago") 9729825 >>> time.sleep(30) >>> print cache.get("chicago") None Just like an orange, some data goes bad after awhile. fcache can keep track of when data should expire. Documentation ------------- `fcache's documentation <>`_ contains an introduction along with an API overview. For more information on how to get started with fcache, be sure to read the documentation. Bug/Issues Tracker ------------------ fcache uses its `GitHub Issues page <>`_ to track bugs, feature requests, and support questions. License ------- fcache is released under the OSI-approved `MIT License <>`_. See the file LICENSE.txt for more information.


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