In this article, we tend to learn the only and effective technique to Convert EML to PST Outlook Application. Before beginning this discussion let’s take a quick look into EML file and MS Outlook. EML file is a file extension for storing email messages along with the link, header information, attachment files, and different basic info of emails. One EML file will contain one email message. Multiple email clients support EML file extension for storing email messages. Some most well-liked email client that supports EML file format like Thunderbird Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail and Outlook. The outlook is an email application used to send and receive emails. It also includes calendar, events, tasks, journals, note taking and web browsing. You can use Outlook as a standalone tool or can also be used with Exchange servers for multiple users in an organization. The main problem behind convert EML to PST for Outlook account is, Outlook does not have an option for importing EML files into their Application. Outlook supports PST format to import into their application. To Convert EML to PST for Outlook, you need third-party software, which is capable of converting EML to PST format. For this task, I would like to suggest you try Shoviv EML to PST Converter. This software provides quick and most accurate conversion of Multiple EML files into PST format. You can download and install this tool from the below download button. After the finish of downloading and installing follow simple steps given below. Add EML files and folders into the software interface:- In this initial step, you require to add EML files and folders into the software interface. The interface of the software is easy to use and flexible. There is another option for users to search for a specific EML file or folder. All the EML file are displayed below, you also change its default hierarchy and remove all hierarchy. After that click on OK button Specify Conversion type and target folder and other exporting options:- On the second page of the Conversion wizard, you should specify the export type and target folder where Converted PST will save. Click Browse Button to select the desired folder or enter the full path manually. A variety of exporting options and filters can be further configured. The tool provides various options like new PST file name, password, and the most important part it also allows PST splitting, if you want to apply a Splitter option just check the splitting option with the desired splitting value. check the Unicode PST option if you want to create the Unicode PST file. On the below option, you also apply a filter like By subject, From, To, etc. After that click on the export. Once the Convert EML to PST process complete you can see the converted PST files on your desire file location. Exported Items Report:- In this section, the tool generates a report of the conversion process and all the converted items listed there. users also save the report in HTML format for future review. Import PST file into Outlook:- Now the time to import.PST files into Outlook. Just use the native Import/Export option in outlook. Browse PST files and import them to Outlook. If you apply a password on PST files then, the password is required to import PST. Conclusion:- This article shows a step by step process of importing EML files into Outlook. I highly recommend this method to import EML files into Outlook, because there is no risk of data loss as well as you quickly export EML files into Outlook without any technical expertise. For more info visit here:


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